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  • Students of Delft University of Technology are not alllowed to create projects : use your NetID to sign-in
  • External users : sign-in using the Standard tab
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General rules of conduct for the use of ICT facilities

We acknowledge all restrictions for the use, storage and distribution of
licensed software,
  • Copyrighted text, image and audio materials,
  • Confidential information.
We respect the personal nature of other people's
  • electronic work environments,
  • mail addresses and user accounts,
  • information storage such as discs, files and documents.
We observe the standards of decency by
  • limiting private use of the facilities to a minimum,
  • refraining from unnecessary utilisation of storage and processing capacity,
  • refraining from hurtful statements and unlawful actions.
We report or correct where possible
  • incorrectly delivered or unsolicited mail messages and documents,
  • inadequate protection of or inaccuracies in company information,
  • violation of the Code of Conduct by others.
  • The CoCon contains the essence of the Rules and Regulations for the Use of Computer and Network Facilities for Employees of and Visitors to Delft University of Technology and the Appendix to the Students' Charter - ICT Management Regulations.
  • The CoCon is a code of conduct; no rights can be derived from this code. The text of the formal regulations is decisive.
  • The Executive Board has approved these regulations following agreement from the Local Union Consultation Body, the Works Council and the Students' Council. In addition to detailed rules of conduct, the regulations also specify the possible sanctions in the event of the violations.
  • The text of the regulations and the associated comments can be consulted at the TU Delft website via the campus portal, in the section Staff & Organisation under Terms of Employment, and in the section Student Affairs under Students' Charter.
Delft University of Technology GitLab server